How Do I...

Get a Book the Library Doesn't Have?

Are you searching for a certain book, DVD, or CD that M/RCPL doesn't have? Don't give up too easily-with SearchOhio and OhioLINK, we'll search libraries in the state of Ohio to find the item you want!

Find Answers Without Google?

Are you doing research for a school project, and having trouble finding "scholarly articles" or "biographical information" on Google? The library has dozens of Research Databases to help you find the information that you need!

Put an Item On Hold from Home?

Do you want to make sure you'll get to read a brand-new book, or just waiting for the CD you want to come back? You can put an item on hold to make sure you get the chance to check it out!

Reserve a Library Computer?

Want to use a library computer, but you're not sure how? Every M/RCPL location has PC Reservation software, so instead of asking a librarian to sign you up for a computer, you can sign up yourself!

Ask the Library to Buy a Book?

Are you doing a project for school, and can't find many library books about your topic? Maybe you're looking for a newer book on MP3, or just one the library doesn't have (but it's so cool you think we need to buy it right away?)

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