Plague Land

June 12, 2018

Leon and his younger sister, Grace, have to navigate their new home in London after their parent’s divorce. Amidst all the changes in their lives the siblings are confronted with rumors of a plague in Africa that liquefies its victims. Luckily, Leon answers a phone call from his father telling him that he needs to get his mother and sister out of London NOW.

A month after rampaging the Earth the virus has annihilated most of the population; it slowly starts transforming itself into something more horrific than before. Now, Leon and his family have to find a way to survive, but they find the most amazing discovery but it comes at a deadly cost. As the Plague continues to change, everyone left standing will have to come to terms with what the world has changed into.

Plague Land is an engrossing, fast-paced sci-fi-horror-thriller novel. That being said, it is recommended for older teens because there are some graphic depictions in the book.

While reading this book, you just didn't know what is going to happen next! It's one of those books that gets you thinking about what YOU would do in an actual apocalypse situation.

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