Deadpool 2 Review

June 6, 2018

Read below for the quick overview with no spoilers!

Did I like it?: OMG. Of course! I almost want to go see it in theaters again because I feel like I laughed through some of his sarcasm and I missed it.

Themes: Kick-butt action, plucky puns, allegiances, cross-over’s, big explosions, crude-but-hilarious sarcasm, taxi’s, baby legs, big guns, bigger guns, time travel, death scares, dismembered limbs, and weird dream sequences

Short Summary (No spoilers): After an unfortunate accident, Deadpool has to learn to live life while also repeatedly trying to kill himself.

Favorite thing about it?: *whispers ever-so-sweetly* X-Force




Below is my review, spoilers may pop up here, so don't read it if you haven't watched it >.<


So who thinks Deadpool 2 is better than Deadpool 1? I’m still on the fence. I think I missed too much in the theater to really make that decision, but I can say that the 2nd movie is what sequels are supposed to be. It held up to the first one and would have been a great stand-alone movie.

That being said, Deadpool 2 has the same crude humor as the first one; witty, funny, and sharp enough to cut your hand off (or any other body part). 

After the death of the love of his life, Deadpool tries to end it all. Unfortunately that doesn’t quite work for him and the X-Men try to rehabilitate him. Predictably enough, this doesn’t work for him either and he gets arrested and placed in a super high tech prison for people with super powers.

There he meets a kid named Julian Dennison, A.K.A. Firefist, and together they suffer in prison. Until, twist of fate, time-traveling Cable comes to kill not Deadpool but Julian.

Fighting ensues, and Deadpool manages to escape while Julian is still locked inside. At this point of the movie I thought it started to get REAL good. Up until this point there was almost nothing from the trailers, and I was wondering where the whole super team came into play.

Welp, right here.

Deadpool puts together a super team to get Julian back which is the catalyst for the end of the movie.

So… Thinking back on it, I don’t think I was really in love with the first half of the movie. Don’t get me wrong, it was hilarious and entertaining all on its own. But the second half of this movie is just so good that it outshines all the stuff that came before it.

Not ganna lie, I literally only knew Domino as a character out of all of the people he recruited. My X-Men knowledge was not strong with this movie. Maybe I will have more insight when The Phoenix comes out.

ANYWAYS, I found Julian a bit annoying, but otherwise liked all of the other characters.

So… here is my question… did he really bring his girlfriend back? A big thing about Deadpool is that he has this love affair with the goddess Death herself. I think that was what they were going for in the dream sequences but it fell shy of the original; especially if Vanessa came back in the end. Although, Vanessa was a very large part of the 1st movie so not cutting her out completely was probably a smart move.

And then there are the Green Lantern and Wolverine references. Were those just for comedic effect or will they actually mess with the timelines of other movies? Who knows? I should probably stop thinking about it before I hurt myself.

Overall, it was good movie and great sequel. If you liked the first you will like the second.



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