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May 25, 2018

Violet had always been a super fan of the dystopian book The Gallows Dance. But one day, at Comic-con, Violet and her friends are somehow mysteriously transported into the book! Not only that, but they cause the death of the main character almost immediately! How can the group hope to go home while simultaneously fix the main storyline?

The answer? Violet is forced to take over the role as protagonist.

The Gallows Dance is set hundreds of years in the future where humans genetically alter themselves to be perfect. These privileged people are known as Gems. Everyone else, the normal people, are called Imps and they work for the Gems to survive.

Now, Violet and her gang are forced to work with the rebel Imps to help overthrow the Gem government.

This book is pretty solid. It has a lot of the common dystopian plot points: evil government, underdog society, rebels with a cause, etc. But this book puts an interesting twist on it. Violet has to replace the protagonist, and in doing so she has to use her knowledge of the cannon to point the plot in the right direction. But her concentration gets a little sidetracked by the handsome Willow and the boy with puppy dog eyes, Ash.

Will Violet be able to keep everything and everyone on track?

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