The Disturbed Girl's Dictionary

May 16, 2018

Macy Cashmere calls herself “disturbed.” As a matter of fact, everyone in her school calls her that since she started shaving her head and refuses to listen to teachers. But, Macy’s life isn’t getting off to a great start.

Macy’s brother is in foster care, having been taken away by Child Protective Services, her mom is often with "Mr. Guests," (and magically has money once they leave), she feels the need to protect her  BFFs Alma and George (despite the dangers it entails), and she feeds herself with crumbs from the couch or from her teacher, Miss Black.

The story is told through a dictionary (really a diary-like) format. Macy doesn't necessarily understand everything going on around her but she records it none-the-less.

Overall, this is not your feel-good-about-life book but it’s eye-opening, sad, funny and heartfelt. It leaves you wanting more Macy Cashmere.  

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