Ready Player One Movie Review

April 10, 2018

Read below for the quick overview with no spoilers!

Did I like it?: Yes! My nerd meter went through the roof >.>

Themes: Sexy cars, kick-butt action, retro dancing, gaming know-how, VR, Nerd trivia, losing love, secret identities, evil-take-over-the-world company, and  kid-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks redemption arc.

Short Summary (No spoilers): Wade Watts searches for the three keys to unlock the secrets hidden in the virtual reality game known as Oasis.

Favorite thing about it?: i-R0k and his poor neck pains!


Below is my review, spoilers may pop up here, so don't read it if you haven't watched it >.< 

I am going to preface this review by saying that I DID NOT READ THE BOOK. 

This was a nice movie to just sit back and watch. While I was viewing this movie I had no actual problems with it. The movie kept up a nice pace, the animation was on point, the comic book and game references blew my mind, and the mix between game and real life was balanced. 

I really liked the side characters. Wade, the main character, was not my favorite. If anything his squad gets my vote as the MVP characters. This movie did a really good job with developing pretty much EVERYONE besides the main character. To me, Wade just kind of seemed to charge into everything which is fine, it's who he is. But based on that I liked everyone else more. Lol. 

I just need to say this now, the animation was BEAUTIFUL. The gaming references were AMAZING. And you better believe when that Gundam popped up in the finale I squealed like the little girl that I am.  I like how in the future (according to this movie) everyone is as obsessed with gaming as I am. 

You can watch this movie just for all the references and probably be super content. 

When I left the theater certain things started to click in my head that didn't occur to me during the actual movie.  

1. His aunt was literally murdered. I know she treated him like crap, but he literally takes no time at all to get over it. And then LATER he says something like "I can't forgive him he killed my aunt..." Buddy lets be real, it seems like this evil man did you a favor. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

2. How in the WORLD did these kids afford to fly to Wade? Like... That one kid is 11. How did he get permission to fly around the world from Korea? 

3. Was James Halliday a computer program in the end or was he some sort of downloaded conscious? It never explains. 

4. This is the biggest thing, and like I said, I didn't read the book so I don't have any reference besides the movie. My HUGE problem with this movie is the fact that everyone worshiped this super awkward  game creator James Halliday. Like, I get it. People wanted to find the prize. But even people who weren't hunting for the prize seemed to love this dude. Every scene with him was (I'm not going to say painful because the actor did a good job) awkward to view. Halliday just kind of seemed to wander through life and stuff kinda happened to him and he was like "M'kay..."  

I get that the plot of this movie is supposed to be Wade going through Halliday's life and not making the same mistakes. I totally GET it. But the character Halliday, himself, was just so flat to me. 

Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me? It might be just me.... Eh, whatever. 

Anyways, overall, I would say this movie is totally worth a watch even if you don't like video game culture. The movie itself is visually enchanting and there is a pretty easy to follow story line behind all the graphics -> Boy meets girl, boy tries to impress girl, girl is impressed but is playing hard to get, boy tries to impress her more and gets in trouble with the wrong people, then a bunch of consequences ensue... 

See? Normal stuff. 

Give it a watch. You will be glad you did. 

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