Monument 14: Sky on Fire

By Maskin-TAB

July 9, 2015

Sky on Fire is the second book of the Monument 14 series, and it is about two brothers, Alex and Dean, who are trapped in a mall in Colorado, because if you breathe, it’s at your own risk for the air has been contaminated and your reaction to it depends on your blood type. Their goal? To reach Denver International Airport. Why? To save their friend Brandon after getting shot with a bunch of other kids. Running to DIA or hiding and hoping someone will find you? In making their choices, Dean and Alex split, one for running and one for hiding. Both boys have to protect themselves and others from murderous monsters, cra-cra lunatics, and supply themselves with basic necessities. Read to find the ending of a story about life surrounded in the mystery about who makes it and who doesn't.

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