Hello! My name is Tyler, and this is my first year with the Teen Advisory Board! I’m 16 years old and in 11th grade. I actually attend an online e-school, which offers me quite a bit of flexibility in my schedule. I mostly read non-fiction, but I absolutely love science fiction. That interest ties in pretty well with my love for science. Aside from reading, I spend the rest of my spare time playing games, watching movies and TV, listening to music, or just talking with my friends. After high school I plan on attending college for four years to study Korea and its language abroad. Using that knowledge I hope to someday get my dream job, FBI special agent.

Book Review

Book Cover

Redwall by Brian Jacques

While not exactly a new novel, Redwall is still enjoyable after all of these years, and it spawned a now famous franchise. At its heart, the book is about a young mouse that discovers his true path in life and triumphs over evil when it strikes the heart of a small community. Mathias, the main character and our hero, must defend his home against the hordes of a tyrant who would lay waste to the countryside and enslave its inhabitants. In his quest he will be taken on a grand journey through Redwall Abbey and the land surrounding it. He’ll ward off danger, make new friends (and enemies), learn the secrets of the past, find love, and make sacrifices to protect all that he cares about.

Weird Science

Melting Metal with Your Hands?

The element Gallium (31Ga) is a curious one indeed. At first glance it may look like any other metal, but it has one interesting property--a melting point of only 30°C! This means that a block of Gallium would easily melt in your hands or out in the open if the room was warm enough. While Gallium has several practical applications, one of the more interesting uses was devised by the original scientists who studied it. Now known as a classic prank, many scientists were known to mold the metal into spoons. When they had guests over for tea, they would proceed to pass these spoons out. While stirring their drinks, guests would be shocked to find that their spoons had melted from the heat!

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