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Own the Night
Teen Summer Library Program

Monday, June 4 – Saturday, July 28
Anyone going into Grades 6-12
Register anytime between June 4 and July 28 at any library location.  Read any book you want to, and then fill out an entry slip to win great prizes like gift cards to Barnes & Noble and Target.  Those completing the program are automatically entered in a drawing for 1 of 2 Kindles.  These grand prizes are made possible by a grant from the Walmart Foundation.  Don’t miss all the great programs just for teens!

Crazy Science Night
Tue. June 12  Crestview Branch      12:30 PM
Tue. June 19  Ontario Branch          6:30 PM
Tue. June 26  Main Library   6:30 PM
Thu. June 28  Bellville Branch          6 PM
Mon. July 9    Madison Branch        2 PM
Wed. July 11  Lucas Branch            3 PM
Tue. July 17   Plymouth Branch       1-3 PM
Thu. July 19   Lexington Branch      6:30 PM
Grades 6-12 - At this program, you’ll make some things to take home and also watch our resident scientists wow you with their chemical creations.  Concoct your own glow-in-the-dark slime and learn how to make elephant toothpaste. Who knew science could be so much fun? Extra large tuskbrush not included.    

Electric T’s   
Tue. June 12  Main Library   5:30-7:30 PM (Drop-In)
Thu. June 14  Lexington Branch 5:30-7:30 PM (Drop-In)
Mon. June 18 Madison Branch        2 PM
Wed. June 27 Lucas Branch            3 PM
Tue. July 10    Plymouth Branch       1-3 PM
Tue. July 10    Ontario Branch          5-7:30 PM (Drop-In)
Thu. July 12    Butler Branch 5-7:30 PM (Drop-In)
Tue. July 17    Crestview Branch      1-8 PM (Drop-In)
Thu. July 26    Bellville Branch          6 PM
Grades 6-12 - Bring your own dark colored t-shirt, and we’ll provide the glow-in-the- dark paints and stencils you’ll need to create an awesome tee that will light up the night.

Frosted Lanterns     
Tue. June 12  Plymouth Branch       1-3 PM
Thu. June 21  Bellville Branch          6 PM
Thu. June 28  Butler Branch 5-7:30 PM (Drop-In)
Tue. July 10   Main Library   5:30-7:30 PM (Drop-In)
Thu. July 12   Lexington Branch      5:30-7:30 PM (Drop-In)
Mon. July 16  Madison Branch        2 PM
Tue. July 24   Ontario Branch          5-7:30 PM (Drop-In)
Wed. July 25  Lucas Branch            3 PM
Grades 6-12 - How can an ordinary glass jar, some Epsom salts and a candle be turned into a lantern for your outdoor festivities?  Join us for this program, and we’ll “enlighten” you.    

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night …
Thu. June 14  Butler Branch 6 PM
Tue. June 19  Plymouth Branch       1 PM
Thu. June 21  Lexington Branch      6:30 PM
Mon. June 25 Madison Branch        2 PM
Tue. June 26  Crestview Branch      12:30 PM
Tue. June 26  Ontario Branch          6:30 PM
Grades 6-12 - We’re sure to have chills and thrills when our Ghost Host Bizzie Vunderink shares the most frightening tales of the unexplained and chilling world of ghosts.  This program is for teens ONLY.  Stop in or phone to sign up if you dare.

Thai String Creatures         
Wed. June 13 Lucas Branch            3 PM
Thu. June 14  Bellville Branch          6 PM
Tue. June 19  Crestview Branch      1-8 PM (Drop-In)
Tue. June 26  Plymouth Branch       1-3 PM
Thu. June 28  Lexington Branch      6:30 PM
Tue. July 17   Main Library   6:30 PM
Thu. July 19   Butler Branch 6 PM
Grades 6-12 - Channel your inner Dr. Frankenstein to build a whole cast of mini monsters.  We’ll provide colored string, felt, beads and other accessories and show you how to create some fun little people to decorate your room or locker or star in your next home video.

Teen Games:  Featuring Animals with Insomnia, a Starry Night, The Big Bang, Dark Reads, a Rest in Peace Challenge, a Night Sky Match-Up, a What’s Your Sign Scramble, and a Name the Monster Contest
Grades 6-12 - Can’t make it to any of the planned programs, but you still want a chance to participate in something more during the Teen Summer Library Program?  Then these quizzes and games are just for you.  Come in anytime during the Summer Library Program and ask for the current teen quiz.  Turn in a completed form, and if your entry is drawn as the winner, you’ll receive gift certificates to McDonalds or Taco Bell. 

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