Book Review

The Paladin ProphecyThe Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost

Young Will West has always lived life "under the radar."  Due to his family's constant moving, he's never stayed in one place very long.  The book takes place after their most recent move to California.  One morning while out running, Will starts to receive strange text messages from his father, who is out of town.  The messages tell Will one thing, run, and don't stop running, at all costs.  Strange events start to take place.  Most notable among them is an invitation to a private school, several states away.  Sensing danger, he jumps at the chance to get away from his home.  Soon, Will finds himself embroiled in demons, monsters, plots, and a battle older than time itself.  Sound interesting? You'll have to read to find out more!

Annnnnnnnd the Mad Lib

Adventure Time!

The _______ old pit smelled of _______ and ______.  Fin and Jake stopped suddenly, 
     (adjective)                            (noun)           (noun)

pausing to shine their flashlight around its interior. "HOLY __________," Fin screamed,
                                                                                  (random object)

unleashing his personal brand of ________ kung-fu skills.  Next, Jake grew to

the unprecedented size of over ______  ______.  Using his size, he collapsed the cave,
                                             (number) (unit of measure)

causing the monsters within to all _____________.  Being finished, they retired home to
                                                  (funny way to die)

enjoy ________ and _________.
          (hobby)             (hobby)

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