Riddles in Poems

by Nathan Gukich, 12th Grade

Riddles in Poems

Oh, who am I and where do I stand?
Please understand, I am everywhere from land to desert sand.
A haunting shadow given truly to every man,
Women and children are also no exception.
Dig into your comprehension and think deeply.
For even you know the answer to this question.
Who am I?  I’m a part of you.  It sounds strange, but it’s true.
Am I only stronger when Father Time comes through?
You’re born with thee, scorn of he, who you truly don’t understand.
It’s the most complicated plan of life’s test.
Wait for me to create what you feel is best.
I talk in the news and walk with the crews.
I am a part of life that no one can choose to lose.
I understand everything without a single class.
A test that no one will ever surpass,
Since we’re seven billion of the same grains within the hour glass.
I don’t always mean death. I can also mean sleep.
The sixties understood me in their acid trips so deep.
The psychedelic, the most eccentric of the recollecting, accept it.
I am the trite knight here to excite the white light.
The result of the Grim Reaper silently spreading his lovely might.
So I will be with you, tonight, in your best, deep sleep.
Continue to not make a peep as the white sheep leap.
I am nearly, dearly deceased.  I am three letters decreased.
I’m simply, “Rest in Peace.”

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