Nightmares, Dreams, and Silent Screams

by Shanna Lewis, 12th Grade

Wild eyes gleam in the pale moonlight
As smoky shadows dance in the deep black night.
They contort and writhe, oh see how they shiver!
They are not alive, but look how they quiver!
Nightmares and fiends all tainted with fear,
There’s no turning back now that you’re here.
Cold, distant stars glare down at the ground
As inky black fog swirls all around.
You’re running and falling, breathless and lost!
Escape from this place at any cost!
Dismal drums sound in a hypnotic beat
Along with stomp of countless feet.
Howling winds scream out a mourning tune.
Something approaches, and it will be here soon.
Then out of the fog a sinister figure appears,
A warped smile twisted up to its ears.
In its hand coils a serpent so tight.
Its burning eyes sear holes in the night.
Behind it stalks a parade of ghastly creatures,
Darkness half hiding snarling, horrific features.
Then from the abyss comes the king with his crown,
And the sky rips open while fire rains down.
Cavorting and shrieking the heathens dance
While you are trapped in a deadly trance…
Then a bright light shatters the demented illusion
And horror transforms into frightened confusion
A body wracked with shudders breathes in a sigh,
And opens tired, glazed over eyes
There’s no need for fear, there’s no need to scream,
Your whole ordeal was just a bad dream.

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