I'm Just Not a Poet

by Jacob Martin, 8th Grade

I'm Just Not a Poet Cover Art




I’m just not a poet,
and you will know it’s true.
When I explain the reasons,
each one right to you.

When I try to write one,
words are hard to find.
When I get the right ones,
the rest just slip my mind.

I know I’m not a poet.
It’s just so hard to rhyme.
I’ll end up writing “shovel.”
Then I’ll be writing “mime.”

Another reason is
I can’t find a beat.
If I manage to find one,
I lose control of my feet.

The hardest part to follow
is keeping a storyline.
I’ll start with my sister’s life.
Then I’ll end it with mine.

I cannot write poems!
It makes me blow my lid!
Well, maybe I can,
because I think I just did.

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