Frederick Y. Bennison: A Once in a Lifetime Cow

by Mia Sgambellone, 6th Grade

Frederick Y. Bennison

I ran into the Bennison’s a couple of years ago;
I thought that this was something that you might want to know.
I’m sitting in an office, a reporter by my side.
The sun is shining brightly in; it really hurts my eyes.
I am told by the reporter that the interview is now
and asked, “Why Frederick Bennison turned into a cow?”
So I began to talk, the reporter wrote things down.
Here’s the story of Frederick Y. Bennison, the once in a lifetime cow.
It was July 9, I think, and it was warm outside,
and Frederick Y. Bennison was staring at the sky.
He said one cloud looked like a pony, one looked quite berserk.
He didn’t know below him a scientist was at work.
His name was Dr. Carbbyllasabaggles; that’s how it’s pronounced (maybe).
He thought that the young Bennison was extremely annoying!
”I’m going to get rid of him,” he thought. “I know why and how,
so I will turn him into an ugly cow!”
So he got a strange contraption. He turned a knob to high,
and then he heard his victim begin to scream and cry, because he accidentally murdered a small fly.
Now Bennison’s cries were unlike any other.
They sent small children crying to their mothers.
“BWAAAAHAAA!” When the doctor heard these cries, his ears turned inside out,
so he aimed his contraption and yelled,” I’ll give you something to cry about!”
And with a POW and a MOO, there was no time for OW’s,
instead of Frederick Bennison, now there stood a cow.
The cow was brown with white spots around his eyes,
and then there were a couple spots around his large behind.
He chewed on his cud, a glazed look in his eyes,
and then he began to scream and cry, “BWAAAHAAA!”
The doctor was indeed very surprised to hear such an animal scream like it was going to die.
Then Frederick ran away from the doctor in his dismay and went to find the street cop, Mr. Millay.
It’s not normal to see a cow on the run.
It’s also not fun, if the cow is a talking one.
“Mr. Millay!” Frederick cried. “I’m a cow, yes,
but please help me get out of this mess!”
Mr. Millay immediately believed him
and then took Frederick to a science museum.
Mr. Millay turned Bennison to normal,
and then he left to go somewhere formal.
But Frederick Y. Bennison had to pretend, because he was never normal again.
Nobody knew that Frederick had to pretend, so every half moon, he was a cow again.

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