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Alabama MoonAlabama Moon by Watt Key

After living all his life in the forest, Moon can make his own clothes, find his own food and build his own house. But does he have what it takes to survive in the real world?


AirmanAirman by Eoin Colfer

All Conor ever wanted to do was build a flying machine. But after he is branded as a traitor, imprisoned, and forced to mine for diamonds under the worst conditions imaginable, his chances of making his dream come true are worst than ever.


Grimpow: The Invisible RoadGrimpow: The Invisible Road by Rafael Abalos

It all started with a dead knight, clutching an ordinary looking stone. But now Grimpow cannot even imagine the dangers that will haunt him now that he is the possessor of the coveted philosopher’s stone.


HatchetHatchet (and sequels) by Gary Paulsen

When his plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness, Brian is forced to try to survive with only his wits and a small hatchet.


PeakPeak by Roland Smith

From scaling skyscrapers in New York to being the youngest person to climb Mount Everest, Peak Marcello lives for a challenge.

Touching Spirit BearTouching Spirit Bear (and sequels) by Ben Mikaelsen

In order to avoid a prison sentence, Cole comes face to face with a huge Spirit Bear.

by Neal Shusterman

If you misbehave in this futuristic world your parents can have you "unwound," harvesting all of your organs and parts for other people. Can three average teens escape the reapers and “save their own skins?

Wolf BrotherWolf Brother (and sequels)
by Michelle Paver

Witnessing the death of his father by a demon-possessed bear, Turok, with only the help of a wolf cub, discovers his destiny is to destroy six Soul Eating Mages.

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