Teen Summer Library Program

This summer our library is rocking out to reading! Come and join the summer reading program at any of our branches.
All you need to get started is our summer reading booklet! Come into the library to snag one or print the one HERE.

Read ten items and earn a $10 gift card to Target! You can read any combination of different items you want, including books (fiction & nonfiction), audiobooks, electronic materials, magazines, graphic novels, and comics. When you finish reading ten items, you will receive your gift card and a Participation Certificate to show to your teacher. Each book you read also earns you one prize entry ticket. If ten items are not challenging enough for you, keep reading! We’ll provide you with a book review slip that you can fill out or grab it below. Each additional review slip will earn you one prize entry ticket.

Summer Reading Review Slip

Attend Programs
We do amazing programs at your library! This summer, we’ll be rocking out! Learn to play new instruments, craft a guitar pick bracelet, and so much more. Each time you attend a teen program this summer, you’ll earn one prize entry ticket. Bring a friend with you and you’ll get two tickets! Check out our extraordinary offerings this summer and join us! Check out our calendar for program details, dates and times.

  • Breakout of the Library
  • D.I.Y. Scratch Art CDs
  • D.I.Y. Sheet Music Letter
  • Create Guitar Pick Bracelets
  • Henna Body Art
  • History of Rock Music Trivia
  • Pancake Art
  • Perler Bead Art
  • Rock Painting
  • Create Treble Clef Wall Art

Special Events
Check out our calendar for program details, dates and times.

  • Electric Guitar and Cajon lessons
  • Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele lessons
  • Zombie prom
    •    Zombie make-up session

Passive Programs
Check out our calendar for program details, dates and times.

  • Rock On: Find the Painted Rocks
  • Libraries Rock: Musical ID Quiz 1-8 Quiz 3 / Quiz 1 Answers / Quiz 2 Answers
  • Passive Paint by Sticker
  • Scavenger Hunt (check back in July for the list of items)

Monthly Library Programs
Check out our calendar for program details, dates and times.

  • Anime Club
  • Minecraft @ the library
  • Mad Science
  • Chess Club

We think reading is the best (we’re librarians!), but there are a lot of other cool things to do at the library. You don’t need to be a voracious reader to participate in the Teen Summer Library Program, so engage in some of these activities to earn prize entry tickets and increase your odds of winning a prize. Each activity will earn you one prize entry ticket and can be collected in person at one of our public service desks.
You can:

  • Recommend a book, movie or some music
  • Create a book soundtrack
  • Make an original playlist
  • Re-Imagine an album cover
  • Write a song
  • Follow us on Instagram and tag us in a library/literary themed photo

So you’ve earned a plethora of prize entry tickets…your next step is to submit them into the drawing for the prize of your choice! Each location will have a poster listing the Midpoint Prizes and Grand Prizes. All locations will have individual drawings for Midpoint Prizes, and the Grand Prize drawing will be one large drawing done at the Main Library. You can begin submitting your prize entry tickets as soon as you earn them, though Midpoint prizes will no longer be an option after that drawing takes place. The prizes will be numbered and you will need to note the prize number on your prize entry ticket, in addition to providing your name and phone number. Be sure to submit all of your prize entry tickets no later than July 28th! The Midpoint Prize drawing will take place at each of our nine locations on Monday, July 2nd. The Grand Prize drawing will take place at our Summer Library Program Wrap-up Party at the Main Library on Friday, August 3. You don’t have to be at the Wrap-up Party to collect your prize, but if you are, you’ll be able to bring it home with you that evening. We’ll also have some great door prizes that you can only win if you are at the party. You can only win at each prize level once, meaning you cannot win multiple grand prizes, or multiple midpoint prizes from different branches.

Midpoint Prizes at Bellville Branch, Lexington Branch, Madison Branch, Main Library, and Ontario Branch, drawn at each location on July 2nd:
#1 UR Beats 3
#2 Go Pro
#3 Portable Charger and Barnes & Noble Gift Cards

Midpoint Prizes at Butler Branch, Crestview Branch, Lucas Branch, and Plymouth Branch, drawn at each location on July 3rd:
#1 Beats Speaker
#2 Go Pro

Grand Prizes for all locations, drawn at the Main Library on August 3rd:
#4 Vizio 40” Smart TV” (2)
#5 Drone with Camera (2)
#6 Nintendo Switch Console (2)

*The number in front of the prize indicates the prize drawer you will place your prize entry ticket in!
All prize tickets due SATURDAY JULY 28th


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