April 23, 2018

There are 2 boys named Arata living in different worlds. One is an ancestor of the ancient Hime clan. The other is a normal high school boy from Japan.

Only women of the Hime clan have the right to become queen and in order to keep his grandmother alive Arata disguises himself as a woman to ascend the throne. But during the ceremony the previous queen is assassinated and Arata is blamed!

To escape his unjust fate he flees into a forest and somehow arrives in modern day Japan! Meanwhile, the Arata from Japan emerges from a forest completely confused as to what is happening.

He quickly becomes a target for those hunting for him and has to flee in order to save his own life. When he is guided to a strange village by a girl who says she knows him he accidently picks up a sword. This sword is known as a “Hayagami” and has a god living inside it. The god Tsukuyo chooses Arata to be his vessel and together they embark on a journey to clear his name.

If you like action, adventure and fantasy then I highly recommend this manga series. It’s super good, and follows both Arata’s as they live each other’s lives.

Keywords: anime, arata, japan, magic, manga, sword
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