The Storyteller's Daughter by Cameron Dokey

By Cheyenne - TAB

May 20, 2013

The Storyteller’s Daughter is a book that was rewritten from the tale The Arabian Nights.  It is a very heartwarming story that begins with a king by the name of Shahrayar who was betrayed by his wife.  After her death, he decreed that he would marry a new wife every night and on the morning she would be killed.  And this is where Shahrazad comes in, who offered herself as his first wife.  In an attempt to stop the king from killing herself and other girls, she begins to tell a story to the king, a story so enchanting that he keeps putting off her death, so that he can hear the rest of the tale.  But as these events happen there seems to be many plots afoot as rivals of the king conspire to steal the throne and spies are found to be in their midst.  This is a story that I would recommend to all readers as not only is it one story but many that are woven together, with a little something for everyone.

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