Rash by Pete Hautman

By teen lib

April 19, 2013

Welcome to the United Safer States of America in 2076.  In this future world, personal safety has gone a bit too far.  Helmets and personal safety equipment are mandatory for any kind of physical activity.  Verbal abuse and obesity are against the law.  The penalty for breaking any of the rules results in a lengthy prison term.  Since 24% of the population in the United Safer States of America is incarcerated, they are responsible for providing all of the country’s manual labor without pay.  And the deck is stacked against Bo Martsen.  Both his father and older brother are serving time in prison, and Bo has a bit of an anger management issue.  When Bo is accused of spreading a rash at school, this earns him a “job” at a pizza factory work camp in the Canadian tundra, surrounded by fierce polar bears on the outside and real criminals on the inside. 

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