One Whole and Perfect Day by Judith Clarke

By teen lib

April 19, 2013

All Lily longs for, wants more than anything else, is for “one whole and perfect day.”  But she isn’t likely to get it with the family she has.  Freakish is the word that comes to her mind when she thinks of her family.  Not freaks exactly, but definitely getting there.  She is the youngest in her family, and at 17, she is also the most responsible and stable one of the lot.  The rest of the family includes: a father who disappeared before Lily was born, a mother who keeps bringing home “lame ducks” who are older adults from the senior day-care center where she works, an only brother who has moved out of the house because their grandfather threatened him with an ax if he changed his major at college one more time, and Nan, Lily’s grandmother, who talks with an imaginary friend.  But when Lily’s grandmother begins planning an 80th birthday party for her husband and invites the whole family, Lily just knows they are in for the disaster of a lifetime.

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