Grimpow: The Invisible Road by Rafael Abalos

By teen lib

April 19, 2013

It all started with the knight they found frozen stiff on a frosty winter morning in the woods behind their cabin.  Grimpow and his foster father, Durlib, cannot believe their good fortune when they discover that the dead knight has a bag with two costly daggers, lots of silver coins, a gold seal, and a strange message.  But the most interesting of all is the item found clutched in the knight’s hand.  Durlib pries the knight’s fingers away from the object, thinking it to be an even greater treasure.  But he is disappointed when he uncovers an ordinary-looking stone.  So he flips it over to Grimpow, telling him to keep it as a good luck charm—that his destiny is bound up in that stone.  And while it is true that the stone is no ordinary stone, Grimpow cannot even imagine the dangers that will haunt him now that he is the possessor of the coveted philosopher’s stone.

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