American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

By teen lib

April 19, 2013

What do a young boy, the Monkey King, and the ultimate negative Chinese stereotype have in common? Through three interrelated tales woven seamlessly together, you will follow the journeys each of these characters makes until their stories merge at the end. The book begins with the ancient fable of the Monkey King, the proud leader of the monkeys who is buried under a mountain for five hundred years because he has displeased the gods. That story is followed by the life of Jin Wang, who is the son of Chinese immigrants. He struggles to retain his Chinese heritage while longing to fit in as the typical American boy. The final storyline is that if Chin-Kee, the worst of all Chinese stereotypes merged into one character. He comes to visit his all-American cousin, Danny, every year. And each year his visit results in Danny having to change schools because of the embarrassment factor. By reading this graphic novel, you will see how the lives of Jin, the Monkey King, and Chin-Kee are bound together.

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