Alabama Moon by Watt Key

By teen lib

April 19, 2013

On the cover of this book is a fire and the words to one of the letters that ten-year-old Moon Blake writes to his father. Now there are obviously a few things you need to know about Moon Blake.  Up until his plans to move to Alaska, Moon Blake has lived in the Alabama woods with his antigovernment father.  He and his pap have only come into town once a month to trade for some essentials at Mr. Abroscotto’s store for as long as Moon can remember.  Everything else Moon and his pap have needed, they could find supplied by nature.  But that all changes when Moon’s pap breaks his leg and infection sets in.  In spite of Moon’s best efforts, his father dies from the complications of the broken leg, and now Moon is on his own.  Unfortunately, Moon has no sense of the modern world, geography, or social interactions.  And his chances of making it to Alaska from Alabama without any trouble are pretty much nonexistent, especially after he runs into the slightly crazy and very corrupt Constable Sanders who wants Moon in jail no matter what the cost.

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