The Fold by An Na

By teen lib

April 8, 2013

A winning lottery ticket!  Wow!  Wouldn’t that be great?  Well, that is exactly what happens to Joyce’s aunt, Gomo.  What’s even better is that she wants to share the wealth with her family.  She plans to give each family member something to enhance his or her appearance.  But as Joyce watches, one family member after another is made miserable by her gifts.  First, Joyce’s father sprains his ankle while crossing the street in his new elevator shoes.  Then Joyce’s mom turns out to be allergic to the ink in her permanent makeup, not finding out until the application is complete and her face swells up to many times its normal size.  And Andy, Joyce’s younger brother, suffers from some truly disgusting side effects from taking his growth-inducing nutritional supplements.  Now Joyce needs to decide whether or not to accept Aunt Gomo’s gift to her, plastic surgery for double-eyelid folds.  Perhaps this surgery will finally allow Joyce to capture the attention of a certain JFK at school, and in Joyce’s case that would be John Ford Kang.  But what she finds herself thinking about more and more are all the things that could go wrong.  What Joyce needs to answer for herself is whether the surgery is really worth it. 

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