Reality Check by Peter Abrahams

By teen lib

April 8, 2013

Cody Laredo is on top of the world at the end of his sophomore year.  He managed to pass all of his classes, squeaking by with a passing grade even in English, which means that he will be the quarterback of his school’s football team in the fall.  And of course, he has all summer to spend with his girlfriend, Clea, the smartest, most beautiful girl at the high school.

But a lot can happen in one summer and by the time Cody starts his junior year, his world has turned upside down.  Clea’s father has transferred her to some elite boarding school on the other side of the country.  And Cody himself manages to tear his ACL following a hard hit in the first football game of the season, pretty much ruining his chances for a football scholarship, which was to be his ticket out of his small Colorado town and to a life with Clea.

Now with his life in a downward spiral, Cody misses Clea terribly, drops out of school, begins abusing his pain medication, and takes a dead-end job.  Just before he hits rock bottom though, he unexpectedly receives a letter from Clea.  The very next day, her abrupt disappearance from her boarding school is front page news in his small town.  Thinking that he holds a clue to her disappearance in that letter, Cody heads east on a road trip.  Right from the start, it is obvious to Cody that he doesn’t belong in Clea’s new world of privilege, wealth, and secrets.  Not knowing who he can trust, Cody begins his own investigation, but will it be soon enough to save Clea? 

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