Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

By teen lib

April 8, 2013

Air raid sirens pierced the air early that afternoon, signaling a terrorist attack on San Francisco.  The “voice of God,” according to Marcus, orders them to take shelter.  After heading underground to the BART station and deciding they would rather take their chances above ground with the terrorists rather than be trampled to their deaths in the overcrowded and stifling Bart Station, Marcus, and his three friends, Darryl, Jolu, and Van, finally push their way free of the hordes.

Once they are able to breathe again, they realize that Jolu was stabbed rather badly in all the chaos.  Attempting to get medical assistance for his best friend, Marcus inadvertently gets the four of them picked up by Homeland Security.  Anyone freely roaming the streets is a suspected terrorist, possibly or probably responsible for the bombing of the Bay Bridge.  Held for questioning under extreme conditions for days, Homeland Security finally decides to let Jolu, Van, and even Marcus go free for now, with the stipulation that they tell no one what has happened to them since the Bay Bridge bombing.  But no one is telling them where Darryl is or what has happened to him.

Marcus, realizing that he will never be free while Homeland Security is watching his every move and keystroke, declares war against them.  Struggling to outwit Homeland Security and their draconian “safety measures,” Marcus mobilizes his generation and their technology to call attention to the abuses of Homeland Security.  But will that same technology be Marcus’s downfall? 

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