If the Witness Lied by Caroline B. Cooney

By teen lib

April 8, 2013

The Fountain children’s lives read like the very worst kind of soap opera.  First their mother dies to give birth to their youngest brother, Tris.  During their mom’s pregnancy, she was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer, and while Tris was born a healthy baby boy, their mother died within weeks of his birth.  Then they lost their father to a terrible automobile accident that their Aunt Cheryl said Tris caused.  The very worst part about losing their parents, Madison, Smithy, and Jack all think was having every little detail exploited by the media. Tris—the child who killed both his parents; that’s what the media dubbed the angelic-looking toddler.

And now it’s about to begin all over again.  Aunt Cheryl, who has slowly been taking over the Fountain household, has contacted a TV producer, arranging for him to turn the Fountain children’s lives into a docudrama.  As Madison, Smithy, and Jack come together, working to foil Aunt Cheryl’s plans, the siblings begin asking questions that no one thought to ask at the time of the tragedy, bringing to light a whole different scenario. 

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