Flygirl by Sherri Smith

By teen lib

April 8, 2013

All Ida Mae ever wanted to do was fly.  Flying is her life.  She thinks, “It was at my daddy’s knee that I first leaned to fly, naturally.  As I got older I read his school manuals and took the same tests he did, and I was good.  He told me so.  Good enough to get my own license and be a genuine pilot.  I felt close to daddy every time I flew. The war put an end to my flying days. Until today.”  (page 31)

Ida Mae feels like her life has started anew upon discovering a newspaper article announcing a Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) program.  This program is custom made for Ida Mae, except for the small fact that she doesn’t actually have her pilot’s license.  Creatively using her dead father’s license with her photo superimposed over his and a name change, she aces the interview and shows up for the first day of training in Sweetwater, Texas.  But Ida Mae has to be very, very careful not to reveal to her new friends the one secret that could get her kicked out of this fabulous program. 

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