Epitaph Road by David Patneaude

By teen lib

April 8, 2013

The world of 2097 is completely changed from today’s society.  Women rule the world.  All wars have ceased.  Crime rates are nearly nonexistent, and prisons are a thing of the past.  With less money devoted to those government spending areas, more resources are now available for health care, medical research, education, and environmental issues.  And all it took to get to this point was a global plague that nearly wiped out all the male population 30 years ago.

Kellen, one of the few male births permitted by the administration’s population control agency, is not exactly happy with his lot in life.  He can tolerate spending all of his time in the presence of females.  But he would much rather live with his outcast father near Afterlight, a small community of men living outside of the government’s territory.  Then one day after school, Kellen overhears his mother discussing the plague with her supervisor, a highly placed political official.  Realizing that most of the world has been led to believe a lie, Kellen and his two friends, Tia and Sunday, head straight for the Afterlight community to warn them of an intentional resurgence of the plague. 

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I’ve read this https://www.playbuzz.com/markck11/how-to-understand-parts-of-speech and it’s something that people are working quite a lot these days. We need to stop worrying about things and we need to focus on ourselves.
Steven Angelina at 9:12am EST - February 19, 2018

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