Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride

By teen lib

March 22, 2013

Sam’s life is turned upside down after a game of potato hockey behind the hideous fast food joint where he works goes wrong.  The potato takes out one of the lights on Douglas’s car parked not far away bringing Sam to Douglas’s notice.  And this is a very bad thing.  Douglas is the local necromancer, a very powerful, very evil necromancer.  Douglas knows that Sam is also a necromancer and views him as a rival.  There are two problems in this for Sam.  One is that he didn’t even know he was a necromancer, whatever that is.  And two, Douglas has given Sam an ultimatum.  Sam has to work for Douglas, in reality becoming his slave, or he can forfeit his life.  Before the week is out, Sam and his friends will be attacked by a super strong thug, receive a package containing a friend’s decapitated and reanimated head, and be locked in Douglas’s cellar with a pretty girl who just happens to be part werewolf and part fairy.

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