Beat the Band by Don Calame

By teen lib

March 22, 2013

Cooper has plans for his sophomore year in high school.  After a memorable summer where he and his two best friends, Matt and Sean, completed their goal of seeing a real naked woman, he thinks that it is now time for them to score with the ladies.

Unfortunately for Cooper, this is not going to be his year.  On the very first day of classes, his health teacher assigns a semester-long project that will be presented to the class in teams of two.  It wouldn’t be so bad if Cooper had actually gotten paired with one of the beauties in the class, but instead, his semester-long partner is Hot Dog Helen, the class outcast.  Nothing could be worse!  On his way out of class that day, the heckling begins as he, too, becomes a target just for being paired with Hot Dog Helen. 

As he is slammed into the wall by one of his fellow students, Cooper notices a flier for a Battle of the Bands, and “Bingo!”  Cooper is hit with inspiration.  If he and his friends enter the competition and win, he will be able to counter the stigma of having to work with Hot Dog Helen and still score some action.  Unfortunately, to be in a band that might win a competition, he and his friends will actually have to play musical instruments, not strangle them. 

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