Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia

By teen lib

April 11, 2011

The only thing Dominique wants is to be back playing basketball with her team. But after an impassioned plea goes unheard, and she is still benched because of poor grades, Dominique is seething with rage early one school morning. Enter Trina, a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not realizing the seriousness of the slight, Trina zips between Dominique and her girls in the school hallway. Trina, on her way to display her masterpieces of art in another hallway, is completely oblivious to Dominique’s threat, “I’m gonna kick that ass at 2:45.” (page 21) But there is one other witness to this before school scene. Leticia, coming down the stairs, cannot believe she saw and heard what she did. As she waffles between getting involved in Trina’s life and wondering if maybe she hadn’t misunderstood Dominique, Leticia discovers that sometimes what you don’t say means more than what you do.

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