Willow by Julia Hoban

By Cheyenne - TAB

February 21, 2011

The book Willow is about a girl named Willow whose parents die in a car accident. After they die, she goes to live with her brother David and his wife and daughter. Things between Willow and her brother are tense, and they do not talk as easily as they used to. Willow goes to work at the library to help with the money problems at home. At work she meets a boy named Guy. Guy is a friendly boy who likes Willow and wants to be her friend. But Willow continually tries to push him away. While Willow likes Guy, she wants to be left alone, and then one day by accident, Guy learns Willow’s secret, that she cuts to relieve the guilt of her parents’ death. Guy then decides to do whatever it takes to help Willow and make her whole. I really like this book and find it very touching. I recommend this book to just about everyone. I think everyone who reads it will enjoy it.

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